Online Savings: Should You Buy Your Pecans In Bulk?

Posted on: 3 May 2022

If you need new ideas for your specialty pies, you may choose to add pecans to your recipes. But if the pecans you buy from your local grocery store cost too much, you may choose another type of nut for your recipes instead. Don't give up on your new specialty pies just yet. You can order bulk nuts for your pies. Learn more about bulk pecans and how to get them below.

Why Are Bulk Pecans Good For Your Business?

You may already know something about bulk items. Bulk items generally cost less and last longer than packaged or individual items of the same kind. If you plan to use pecans for many months or years to come, buying bulk may be a good option for you.

Most wholesalers only sell fresh or minimally processed ingredients to their customers. Some store-bought items contain additives that prolong their shelf life. The additives may change the texture, flavor, and color of pecans and other nuts. Your customers may notice the changes in your pies after they consume them.

You can order your bulk pecans by contacting an online wholesaler today.

How Do You Order Your Pecans?

A wholesaler will need to more about your company before they help you purchase the nuts you need, including how many pies you plan to bake and sell each month. The information may help you save money on your purchases each month.

Most food suppliers and wholesalers sell bulk items by the unit. The unit is how much an individual item costs by itself based on its weight or size. A supplier can use the information to calculate how many pounds, ounces, or grams of pecans you need each month to create your pies. If a wholesaler doesn't calculate your purchase properly, you could end up buying too many nuts each month.

You also want to choose the type of pecans you need for your pies. A wholesaler may offer a variety of flavors to suit your needs, including honey-roasted pecans. Flavored nuts are still minimally processed to keep them fresh.

If you're undecided about the types of nuts you want to use for your pies, order small samples of them instead. You can use the samples to create new pies for your customers. If your customers like the flavors of your pies, you can place a new order for the nuts you need.

You can order your bulk pecans by contacting a food supplier—such as Selman Nut Co.—today.