4 Fruit Juices That You Can Make From Concentrate

Posted on: 26 May 2021

Fruit juice is obtained by squeezing or pressing various fresh fruits. However, most people don't have the time to break out the juicer every time they want a glass of juice. Fortunately, juice concentrates make it easy to have a glass of your favorite juice whenever you want. Here are four types of juice concentrate that you can use to make fruit juices, smoothies, and cocktails:

1. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a tropical treat that you can enjoy any time using juice concentrate. Sipping pineapple juice in the afternoon is an excellent way to relax. Pineapple juice can be added to fruit smoothies to give them a new twist. You can even make pina coladas by combining coconut milk, ice, pineapple juice, and the liquor of your choice. Pineapple juice is good for reproductive health, and it may even make you smell sweeter.

2. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a breakfast staple. It's smooth and tangy, the perfect addition to a meal of bacon and eggs. Orange juice can be served with or without pulp. It contains many vital nutrients that can benefit your immune system. Orange juice is also used to create many popular cocktails. Mimosas, a brunch-time staple, can be created by mixing orange juice with champagne. You can also make a screwdriver by combining orange juice with vodka.

3. Apple Juice

Apple juice is a childhood favorite. It has a sweet, tart taste designed to please even picky palates. Like orange juice, apple juice is high in vitamin C. Kids especially enjoy apple juice. If you're concerned about giving your kids too much sugar, you can dilute your juice concentrate further. Diluted apple juice is a great treat for young children. If your child has been ill, apple juice is a great tool to help them rehydrate.

4. Grape Juice

Grape juice is another favorite for kids and adults alike. Grape juice comes in white and red varieties. The variation in color comes from the types of grapes used to produce the juice. Grape juice can be enjoyed on its own. It can also be added to a pitcher with fresh fruit slices, ice cubes, and the wine of your choice to make sangria.

Juice concentrate is sold in refrigerated and frozen form. You can simply store your concentrates until you're ready to use them. It's easy to combine juice concentrate with water to make a pitcher of your favorite types of juice.

A juice concentrate supplier can provide you with all the juice you need.