What Can You Do With Organic Powdered Dairy Ingredients?

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Many people don't give powdered dairy products much thought. However, organic dairy can be a useful ingredient in a huge variety of favorite foods. Adding dairy powder to your pantry will vastly increase your cooking repertoire, and choosing organic varieties of powdered dairy will help you maintain control of your diet in the ways that matter to you. Here are four things you can do with organic powdered dairy ingredients:

1. Create your own specialty drinks.

Powdered dairy can be used to create specialty drinks that retail for high prices when purchased premade. Boba drinks, sometimes known as bubble milk tea, are popular confections. You can easily create your own boba drinks using dried tea leaves. Steep the tea to your desired strength, sweeten with sugar, then add powdered milk until a creamy consistency is reached. Serve your milk tea over ice and add tapioca pearls for a quick and easy treat.

2. Save money on mac and cheese.

Boxed mac and cheese is a beloved favorite in many households. When you want something hearty but you don't feel up to cooking an elaborate meal, you can throw macaroni and cheese together in a matter of minutes. Cut down on your grocery bill by ordering powdered organic cheese directly from a supplier. Simply cook the desired amount of elbow macaroni in a pot, then create the signature cheese sauce using powdered cheese, butter, and enough water to reach the desired consistency.

3. Try your hand at copycat recipes.

Many home cooks enjoy the challenge of recreating popular snacks. If you enjoy making copycat recipes, you'll be delighted at the foods you can make using powdered organic dairy. Powdered cheese can be baked into crackers to create cheese crackers that rival anything found in a store. You can even coat homemade potato chips with cheese powder to mimic popular varieties of flavored chips. Powdered heavy cream can be sweetened and used to make a delicious whipped dairy spread. With the right ingredients, you'll only be limited by your imagination.

4. Control the quality of the food you put into your body.

The food you eat directly affects your health and wellness. Many consumers choose organic products in order to achieve a healthier diet. You'll be glad to know that powdered dairy can fit into an organic diet. Organic powdered milk, cream, and cheese are produced from the milk of cows who have not been given hormones or antibiotics. The result is a dairy product full of natural protein and vitamins.

Look for a dairy powder supplier for more information.