Choose Emergency Water Containers That Have These Characteristics

Posted on: 21 December 2019

Any jug or bottle can hold water as you prepare for an emergency, but if you're serious about keeping fresh water on hand for unexpected challenging times that may be ahead, you'll want to invest in proper emergency water containers. These containers are specifically designed for this purpose, and offer a number of design elements that make them favorable compared to other types of containers. Browse a variety of these emergency products, which you can buy online, and try to buy those that offer the following useful characteristics.


If you're going to store water for an emergency, you want to store a lot of it. Families go through water more quickly than you might realize, so it's important to have an ample supply. Of course, a large supply of water can take up considerable space in your home. As such, it's good to look for water containers that are stackable. Conventional water jugs can be useful for holding water, but many of them don't stack. This means that you'll need to take up a lot of floor space for your water supply. Stackable jugs will require a much smaller footprint in your home, and you can stack them several feet in the air to ensure that you've got a lot of water.


A large container filled with water can be extremely heavy, making it difficult for you to get around. There may come a time that you need to move some of your emergency water containers. For example, perhaps your home is no longer safe to inhabit, or maybe a neighbor is short on water and you want to share some of yours. It's ideal to buy emergency water containers that are equipped with handles. This feature will make each of the containers immeasurably easier to transport should the need arise.

Large Openings

As you browse the many different types of emergency water containers that are available on the market, you'll notice that there are different sizes of openings. You don't want to choose anything that has too small of an opening. For starters, this can make filling the container a time-consuming process — a luxury that you may not necessarily have if an emergency appears imminent. A small opening can also limit your ability to retrieve the water with ease, especially if the container is large enough that you want to lower a cup or other receptacle into the container to retrieve some water.