The Essential Food Items For The Amateur Chef Looking To Cook Authentic Mexican Cusine

Posted on: 14 October 2018

If you are am amateur gourmet and you want to tackle Mexican cuisine, then you need to understand the complexity of the ingredients required. Mexican cuisine requires a great deal of special ingredients that you might not normally find in the supermarket. It can be frustrating when you compile a list of ingredients for a future meal and then head to the supermarket and find that they don't have any of the ingredients that you need for your meal. While the average place might have the basics that you need, the more rare things that you might need are probably not going to be available in most markets. This is why you will want to make sure that you source out the best ingredients online and make sure that you have them all in your pantry and kitchen.

Chocolate Cinnamon Disc

In many Mexican dishes you will find mole sauces. These are very complex sauces that are made with all sorts of spices and peppers. However, one of the most important ingredients that you will want to have on hand is a chocolate cinnamon disc. These are used to make things such mole, which is a sauce that is used for all sorts of Mexican foods, such as enchiladas, as well as chicken and other dishes. The chocolate and cinnamon mix is perfect for when you make a mole, because the disc is already mixed in the perfect combination. The disc can be broken up and melted into the sauce. It's much better than simply sprinkling on cinnamon and melting a bar of chocolate. This is one of the perfect combinations for when you decide to make a mole that uses chocolate.

Dried Peppers: Ancho, Pasilla, and Chipolte

The other thing you want to do is make sure that you have the right peppers for your meal. What you want to do is make sure that you have looked at the requirements for your meal and decide on which peppers you will want to use. The basic peppers (especially the non-dried types) you will find in most markets. Peppers such as bell peppers and other traditionally peppers are not that hot. What you want are a collection of dried peppers that have a great amount of spice and also will allow you to make a variety of inserting meals.

Chorizo Sausage

Mexican food requires a very special type of sausage. These sausages are spicy and they are not like the regular sausage that you encounter in most supermarkets. You will want to get the mexican chorizo sausage that you can use to make a variety of the spicy meals. These spices are not found in most sausages so you will get to experience a great deal of flavor that will impart the rice of whichever Mexican dish you are eating with an abundance of flavor. You will need to find a Mexican chorizo supplier to get traditional chorizo.